Laercio E. Silva
Founding member and CEO
Founding member, since 1998. He participates in the stories of big companies and institutions, establishing a new concept in the field of Relocation and transportation. He seeks with these activities in the market, provide differentiated service, unique quality and offering to the market highly qualified competent professionals for complex operations.

Andrews E. Silva
Bachelor in Foreign Trade, since 2007 in the international area of Millenium Transportes, within the segments of national / international Domestic Relocation and works of art. Over the years, he has acquired a great international experience with agents around the world and with the national market.

David E. Silva
Corporate Project Manager
Graduated in Publicity and Advertising / Marketing and additional training from Andrews University in Michigan. Beginning his career in January 2010, he has developed in the commercial area and today he has extensive experience in commercial changes and corporate projects, specialist in the planning of move and management.

In charge Fragile goods Division
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Júnior joined the team in 2008, in the commercial area of Fragile Transportion. With more than 18 years of experience in transport management of Fragile Equipment, specializing in Moving Data Center, Graphic Equipment, Fitness, Telecom and Health Care.

Marcos Pereira
Import / Export Coordinator
Technologist in Foreign Trade, joined the team in August 2014. With experience in coordinating international relocation and works of art, working in the door-to-door process, He has worked in operations in Brazilian airports and ports, extensive customs knowledge and logistics.

Miulnei Barbosa
Manager of Works of Art Division
In 2002, he began his history as a member of the team along with the division of works of art at Millenium Transportes. With almost 35 years of experience in the segment, he has participated in the logistics of the main exhibitions of the most important museums and renowned national and international institutions.

Andrea Claudino
Commercial Advisor
With extensive experience in the area of customer service, she joined the team in 2013 in order to improve team integration and work on customer contact and loyalty. Today the commercial department has a synergy and unique ways to meet and captivate customers.

Cesar Alexandre
Commercial Advisor
Since the foundation and beginning of Millenium Transportes, He joined the team and today he is responsible for the growth and versatility of the company’s employees. Since 2002, he has been part of the team of the Works of art department, participating intensively in major and important national and international projects.

Vanessa Temóteo
Commercial coordinator
Bachelor in Social Communication, She joined the team in 2015, in which she has developed organizational processes of administration of the division of works of art and also a new language for better interaction and dynamism between the internal areas of the company and clients with practicality and quality for the Implementation of services.