About us

Quem Somos

Millenium Transportes e Logística is a young and dynamic company that operates based on the binomial technology / service. Always attentive to the demands of today’s world, it invests heavily in equipment, infrastructure and personnel training and development.

We offer high quality in relocation services (commercial, industrial and domestic), disassembly and reassembly of workstations, safekeeping and storage of furniture and equipment, Express collections and deliveries Services and qualified transportation of works of art.


How we operate

We seek to meet all transportation and logistics needs of our customers, offering services, infrastructure and professional high quality support. We persevere the full satisfaction of people and companies, keeping our equipment up to date, our service facilities fully adequate and our staff always motivated and committed to our services.


A matter of time

We live in a world of constant and intense transformation. Today everything happens very quickly, the dynamics of the current world unfolds in a frantic, amazing rate. So time has become an immeasurable factor, where every second needs to be optimized and highly valued. Valuing time is valuing daily attitudes, keeping your mind always focused on truly important matters. But what about the day-to-day details? How to send that important sample to the customer? Where to shelter the equipment of the company during a renovation of a facility? How to transported that machine to the fair in total safety? How to relocate without interrupting the workflow? With Millenium, you do not lose your business focus. When it comes to transportation and / or applied logistics, we offer truly efficient solutions that will make you completely satisfied. Consult us with no commitment, we will serve you, committing ourselves to preserve the most valuable “thing” of our day, the time.

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Our Mission

To offer solutions in transportation and logistics, serving a growing number of customers with cordiality and quality, providing personal and professional growth to employees and suppliers, always aiming at the perfection of the services provided.

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Our main goal

Improve the competitive position within our market areas. Develop and hire people for the maintenance and growth of business activities. Obtain national recognition through the institutional diffusion of our brand. And also the quality of the services provided.