Fragile Goods Transportation


Skilled labor:
• Millenium has in its workforce the great differential: Quality and Efficiency;
• Human Talents: Under Regime CLT (Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas — “Consolidated Labour Laws”), uniformed;
• Personal protective equipment (PPE);
• Specialized Workforce: In removal, handling, packaging and logistics of sensitive equipment, including lifts and removal on stairways;
• Training and Recycling Programs;
• Our Managers are qualified to coordinate all logistics projects, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Trucks with air suspension;
• Refrigerated semitrailers;
• Boom Trucks;
• Vans and transporters;
• Moving Trucks, VUC (Moving truck with 3 ton capacity), Toco (Two axel truck with 6 ton capacity) and Truck equipped with hydraulic platforms;
• Vehicles tracked by satellite.

Packaging and Equipment:
• Anti-static bubble wrap;
• Custom-made wooden boxes;
• Pastic boxes;
• Equipment: Hydraulic rack, ratchet lashings, lifting scissors, hydraulic jacks, machinery rollers, hydraulic tifor and cranes.

• RCTR-C (Civil Responsibility for Road Transport of Cargo);
• OCD (Operation of Loading and Unloading);
• OCD-I (Lifting Operation);
• RCF-DC (Optional Civil Liability of Cargo Deviation);
• Risk management.

• Data Center Moving: Servers, Racks, Desktops, Safe Room and various IT equipment.
• Health Care: Medical and Hospital Equipment (Tomograph, Magnetic Resonance, Autoclaves, etc);
• Banking: ATMs, Banknote counters, safes, etc .;
• Fitness: Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Bodybuilding station;
• Telecom: Telephone exchanges, Antennas, Base radio installations;
• Energy: No-Breaks UPS, generators, battery bank, electronic panels;
• Graphics: Graphic machines, Plotters, Multifunction printers, Medium and large printers, Graphic stations, etc.

Data Center Moving:
• Specialized team in packaging, identification, handling, transportation of IT equipment of high added value;
• Protection with wood plates and steel sheets throughout the course of equipment (Storage, Main frames) avoiding damage to the floor and equipment;
• Conditioning of the servers in plastic boxes (Marfinites) for transportation;
• Monitoring of armed escorts (1 car with 2 security guards per truck) throughout the route, from origin to destination;
• Manufacture of wooden boxes with foam-lined and polyethylene interiors for hoisting operations of storages and racks.

Data Center Moving – Desktops:
• Disconnection of desktops;
• Identification of assets according to DE-PARA;
• Packing of pieces of equipment with bubble wrap
• Conditioning of assets in reinforced cardboard boxes with identification;
• Transportation of equipment in a moving truck, equipped with a hydraulic lifting platform;
• Accompaniment of armed escorts (1 vehicle with 2 security guards per truck);
• Unpacking of the pieces equipment at the destination with a new layout;
• Desktop connection.