Residential moving


Residential moving is always a problem, right? No, wrong!!! With Millenium, your residential moving is calm and safe. We have complete full infrastructure to perform this service in a totally stress-free way for you. New vehicles and constantly revised, state of art equipment and highly skilled and experienced professionals, these are just a few of our several differential.

When you experience moving with Millenium, you are treated in the finest way, and the best of all: your time is preserved; you simply remain dedicated to what is really important in your life, without diverting your attention from work or abstain from leisure time. We work for you and you can chill out.

- Fine residential moving: Skilled labor, modern equipment and ensuring Millenium;
- Millenium's Professionals: Excellence service warranty;
- Special operations: vertical and horizontal lifting, specialized transport. Very safely and quickly;
- Safety during transport: New vehicles and periodically reviewed.

Corporate moving


Value your time requesting the corporate moving services of Millenium. We are able to perform perfectly every kind of mobile transportation and commercial or industrial equipments. Full service is provided for you. Disassemble, transport and reassemble machines, computer hardware, equipments and workstations, all efficiently and carefully. We also implement pre-set layouts or even provide expert solutions if you need occasional unexpected space. With Millenium, you can really chill out, because in addition to the total security, we provide you a very valuable asset: Your time. That's right, while we do the job of the "corporate moving" of your workspace, you can quietly remain dedicating fully yourself into your business.

- Technical training and continuous improvement: At Millenium, labor is really specialized;
- New vehicles and constantly revised, equipped with the most modern systems in support of our service types;
- Uninstall, disassembly, transportation and reinstallation of equipment. Leave it to Millenium.

Transport of sensitive


New technologies bring new equipment; these in turn carry with them new demands, transportation, handling, use, etc… Those who can't follow these technological advances, are literally out of the market.

But Millenium is totally In! We have all the knowledge, equipment and specialized labor to perform transport and handling of any equipment considered sensitive. Our staff is constantly trained and periodically updated in handling this kind of material. We operate very efficiently in the areas of IT, telecommunications, hospital, bank automation, among others.

We have constantly new and reviewed vehicles, which are equipped with the most modern support systems for sensitive transporting, such as hydraulic ramps, conditioned chests, cranes, air suspension, etc...

We do guarantee the integrity of the equipments from the removal to their deliveries at the destination set. All our operations are supervised by highly qualified professionals.

- Cutting-edge equipment, logistical support and specialized professionals;
- New vehicles, constantly revised and equipped with the most modern support systems for sensitive transporting equipment, such as hydraulic ramps, conditioned chests, etc.;
- Efficiency and safety in transporting computer equipments, telecommunications, hospital, bank automation, etc...

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International moving


Door-to-doors services

Millenium Transportes takes care of international relocation/move, acting not only in importation but also in exportation process.
We offer specific packaging materials according to the highest international standards of quality in order to do yout relocation/movesafely and smoothly.


We have a large area of over 5.000 square meter and 4.000 pallet positions for furniture storage with built-in monitoring system and 24 hour surveillance service. In our facilities your move is well organized facilitating rapid movement when necessary to meet the relocation/move safely and smoothly.

Packing & crate shop

we have our own crate shop for manufacturing customized wooden boxes and crates according to each move requirement for a safe packaging and transportation.

International network

We have a network of partners specialized in relocation/move service around the world, through our affiliations with leading international associations, providing a high quality service at every stage of the relocation/move. We offer personalized assistance with highly qualified multilingual staff for complete documentation guidance and all customes process involved.

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Works of Art


Skilled Teams:

- Millenium's skilled labor is its great differential with both quality and efficiency;
- Our fine arte department is provided with highly trained and perfectly integrated professionals according to the demanding specifications from the field;
- Specialized human talent in: handing, packaging, logistics and heavy items handling of complex pieces and operations;
- Coordinators with qualifications for the management of the entire logistic and projects, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


- Fleet composed by small, medium and big size trucks;
- Air-ride suspension trucks;
- Acclimatized trucks;
- Crane truck;
- Vehicles tracked via satelite and GPS system;
- Assistance vehicles for courier and crew transportattion.

Packing and crate shop:

- We have our own crate shop for manufacturing customized wooden boxes and crates according to each antique, artwork or lender requirement for safe packing and transportation.
Crates tailored produced attending Gallery and Museum Standard.

Acclimatized Warehouse:

- Acclimatized and 24 hours monitored rooms with humidity and temperature control, ensuring complete integrity of the works and meeting the demands of the market and insurers.

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Logistics and warehousing


Millenium can be the perfect gear in the logistics system of your company. Count on us to enable your most important process and operations. Beyond fully computerized control, we even enable customers monitoring through the internet, we have a huge area for furniture storing, equipment and artwork in a perfect environment, having also ac warehouse.

In our facilities, your goods are organized in order to make things easier to speed up its faster discharged, and your things are safe and safeguard your specific product. We'll make sure your shipments get to where they're supposed to go according to schedule. We also provide warehousing and distribution services, as needed. Whether it is an entire project with a specific beginning and end, or only part of a supply chain, or the basic movement of a single product, Millenium can offer the right logistics solution for your business. Anytime.

- Organization, space and responsibility: At Millenium, your estate is safe and preserved;
- Technology available to clients: Fully computerized process, along with streamlined electronic information systems through the internet;
- Total security operations: Modern Fleet, trained professionals and corporate responsibility.

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Millenium Transports operates with a management model that aims to provide the customer with a complete overview of the provided services, as also to make memorable all the steps involved in your moving.

We take care of the whole process:

Set planning the implementation of the layout's
Process Audit
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