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Who we are

Millenium Transportes e Logística is a young and dynamic company that operates based on the binomial technology / service. Always attentive to the demands of today's world, invests heavily in equipment, structure and training of staff.

We offer high quality removal services (commercial, industrial and residential), disassembly and reassembly of workstations, guard and storage of furniture and equipment, collection and delivery "Express" and transport qualified works of art.


A matter of time

We live in a world of constant and intense transformation. Today everything happens very quickly, the dynamics of the current world develop at a frantic, mind-boggling pace. So time has become an immeasurable factor, where every second needs to be optimized and highly valued. Valuing time means valuing daily attitudes, keep your mind always focused on the really important issues. But what about the day-to-day details? How to send that important sample to the customer? Where to store the company's equipment during a renovation? How to take that machine to the fair in complete safety? How to make a change, without interrupting the workflow? With Millenium, you don't lose your business focus. When it comes to transport and / or applied logistics, we have truly efficient solutions that will leave you completely satisfied. Consult us without obligation, we will serve you, committing ourselves to preserve the most valuable “commodity” of our day, time



Offer solutions in transport and logistics, serving an increasing number of customers with cordiality and quality, providing personal and professional growth to employees, collaborators and suppliers, always aiming for the excellence of the services provided



Improve the competitive position within our market areas. Develop and hire people for the maintenance and growth of business activities. Obtain national recognition through the institutional diffusion of our brand. And also the quality of the services provided.

Meet Our Team

Laercio E. Silva

Founder and CEO

Founding partner, since 1998 he participates in the stories of large companies and institutions, establishing a new concept in the field of changes and transport. It seeks with these activities in the market, to provide differentiated service, unique quality and offering to the market competent and highly qualified professionals for complex operations.

Andrews E. Silva

Executive Director

Bachelor of Foreign Trade, he has been working since 2007 in the international area of ​​Millenium Transportes, within the segments of national / international residential removals and works of art. Over the years, it has acquired great international experience with agents around the world and with the national market.

David E. Silva

Corporate Project Manager

Graduated in Advertising and Marketing and additional training from Andrews University in Michigan. Starting his career in January 2010, he developed in the commercial area, today he has extensive experience in commercial changes and corporate projects, specializing in move planning and management.

Miulnei Barbosa

Works of Art Division Manager

In 2002, he began his history as a member of the team together with the division of works of art at Millenium Transportes. With almost 35 years of experience in the segment, he participated in the logistics of the main exhibitions of most important museums and renowned national and international institutions.