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Skilled labor

• Millenium has in its workforce the great differential: Quality and Efficiency;
• Human Talents: Under Regime CLT (Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas — “Consolidated Labour Laws”), uniformed;
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
• Cataloging, packaging of furniture and equipment. Expertise in handling of pallets and forklifts;
• Our Managers are responsible for the monitoring of input and output of all stored material, with data feed in the WMS system.



• Osasco / SP: A total area of over 53819.55ft², Cross Docking system deposit with 10763.91ft² area and 930 pallet racking shelves;
• Cotia I / SP: 48437.59ft² warehouse with 3,800 pallet holder positions in an unheated area and air-conditioned rooms, with humidity control and FM200 fire suppression system;
• Rio de Janeiro / RJ: 11840.30ft²Warehouse with 600 pallet racking shelves;
• Warehouse with Internal monitoring and guardhouse 24h.

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• Sorting and Cataloging: in this step we make the separation by type of material in batches for cataloging;
• Inventory: photographic with all material information. With specification of measurements, material status, manufacturer, color and number of fixed assets;
• Packaging: Materials with bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and stretch wrap;
• Accommodation: After packing the materials, we make the accommodation in the pallet racking shelves using a forklift;
• WMS system: created to monitor the movements and storage of materials into, within, and out of a warehouse, with online reading. Facilitating the viewing and future requests of your items.

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Mode of Storage

• Corporate furniture: workstations, meeting table, cabinets, sliding storage files, office partitions and chairs;
• Fragile equipment: desktops, monitors, printers, and multifunction;
• Heavy Equipment: generators, safes, ATMs, bank cabins and gym equipment;
• Domestic Relocation: furniture in general;
• Works of art: paintings, sculptures, paintings, and wooden boxes.

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Web Based Management - WMS

Inventory control system through reports and photos via the web, allowing greater integration between Millenium professionals and our clients.

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